Marcos Seferlis: My father asked God to bring him one and brought me

‘ In the loss of his brother, before he came to life, Mark Seferlis was mentioned from heart on Saturday afternoon (09.03.2024), when he met Tasos Jordanidis in the new episode of the “Dads” show at ERT. “I am a child from a poor family that parents worked day and night to raise us. I am the fourth child, Marcos who came out in the place of another Mark who had and lost his life at the age of three from an accident” confessed, initially, the popular actor. “Then my father asked God to bring him one of his own. And he brought me! They gave me his name, I got a lot of love from my parents and my brothers. But because I replaced the other Mark, I got too much love. Of course I am glad because in the pain the great one they had, which I do not know yet if my mother who is alive is over him, I came to make them smile and make them proud.” “Why people talk about me, every day when they see my mother in Corinth, in the folk or outside she comes out, she tells her about me and I made them flood with joy” Markos Seferlis then stressed in his interview.

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