Map of Greece ? Offering Unique Holidays

    Map of Greece ? Offering Unique Holidays

    A very popular tourist destination, Greece is a beautiful country, favorite for all kind of travelers whether they are the tourists on leisure, party lovers, art and history lovers to outdoor lovers. Tourism in the country has always played an important part in Greece as it has everything to offer to its visitors. A unique country that Greece is, it offers number of unique holidays, whereby the travelers get a chance to enrich their holidays with unique experiences. The alternative forms of holiday serves the purpose of the holiday relaxing and touring as well becoming a part of special programs, giving a peek into the country’s culture, nature and more. With the varied and diverse regions that the Greece map provides numerous options for holidaying. Some of them are enlisted here:

    Religious holidays

    Greece’s religion and rich national heritage have helped the development of religious tourism to the country. Today, the country is attracting a large number of visitor’s to the ancient Greek monuments and with the religious tourism getting the right promotion in the tourist policies being framed, it leaves no reason that it is becoming a hot favorite. Through the centuries, the country has closely followed its religion and traditions. The country’s treasures like the imposing churches, monasteries, chapels, shrines all speak highly of the country’s history.

    Sports holidays

    Embark on a Greece travel for a holiday and if a sports lover, Greece is the country. It is the same place where the Olympic Games were born and it is perfect for various sports activities as well as holding sports events. The country has witnessed number of big sports events taking place here including the Olympic Games 2004, in Athens. This has led to number of sports facilities coming up, where both the local people and visitors get an opportunity to practice their favorite sports. Looking at the emerging popularity of the sports tourism, many hotels have geared up and today provide with not only excellent accommodation but also sports facilities to their guests.


    With the Greece varied and rich eco-systems, the country offers with some of the best holiday ideas. Though a small country, it is gifted with long stretches of coastlines, lakes, rivers, caves, gorges, natural habitats and above all a mild climate, making it a very popular destination for ecotourism. On a holiday to Greece, undertake a number of activities like exploring the forests and woodlands in the mountains and the islands. Visit the fantastic monuments, natural caves and waterfalls. Admire the rare species of animals and birds in their natural habitat.


    Agrotourism is a great way to combine your holiday with business. It is a small form of tourist development, which involves the Greece countryside and offers excellent way of getting aware of the country’s agricultural areas and occupations, local cuisine, culture and traditions. This kind of holiday gives you a chance to come close to nature, even participate in the various activities along with the joy of touring, exploring, and learning. With number of specialized programs being organized for agrotourism like various exhibitions for agro products, workshops, tours of ecotourism, this holiday form is becoming popular among the visitors.

    Spa holidays

    Spa tourism is on the rise all over the world and Greece is not far behind with its natural wealth of springs, which has therapeutic properties. From the ancient times the therapeutic properties of the water has been recognized and has been used fro many cures. Spas are an important national treasure and one will come across number of them spread out all over the Greece map. Due to the temperature or the chemical composition, the water of springs is marked as mineral water. Besides there are cold mineral springs, hot springs and these are the ones used in therapeutic treatment.

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