Manufactured locations for recycling bins throughout the city of Thessaloniki

Permanent positions bucket collection and recycling will be built in… lugs or recesses, on specific points of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, with the aim to avoid the phenomenon of arbitrary mobility of citizens and to prevent the illegal parking in front of them. The contract of the project signed by the deputy mayor of Technical Works, Environment and Sanitation, Thanasis Pappas and the representative of the contractor company.
For the execution of the works required will take into account criteria such as the breadth of the pavement, and the type of the road. The interventions will be in the streets of chalandri and Alex. Stavros, Gregory E, 25 March, Markos Botsaris, Kaftantzoglou, Marathon, Eastern Thrace, Kleanthous, Diogenous, Asia Minor, Macedonia, Nikolaos Plastiras, Crete, Constantinople, Miaouli and Chalkidiki, according to the RES.
The project is part of the technical Programme for the year 2015-16, the Municipality of Thessaloniki and is expected to be completed in 18 months, with a cost of 230,000 euros.

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