Manchester: Shocking video of a cop dragging a homeless man into his stomach

Shocks a video that saw the light of publicity from it, where one dragged a homeless man to the ground! According to the BBC, the police officer in Manchester not only dragged the homeless man but also stepped him in the stomach. In the video it is initially seen pulling the sleeping bag into which the homeless slept, with the homeless inside. He then grabs him in order to lift him up, and then steps on him in the chest and stomach. The incident reportedly occurred in September 2023 outside Manchester City Hall. The homeless man is a 31-year-old from Sudan who after the police officer attacked raised a fever and had blood in his urine. Manchester police stated that the officer’s actions were unacceptable while the charity for homeless Crisis described the incident as “terrorist and inhuman”. The victim himself spoke to the BBC and said he was sleeping in a rough space next to Manchester City Hall along with a group of other homeless refugees and usually woke up every morning by city council officials. “We told them that we had nowhere to go and that it was very cold. I told her I had to sleep. But she hit my stomach with her leg. It caused me problems – I had a fever and in the next few hours I had blood in my urine” he said features. He also said the police apologized to him.