Manchester City – Copenhagen 3-1 for Champions League “16”

Another 3-1 and “ticket” for Champions League “8”. Or he made a new “walk” against the , he won the Danes with the same score and in the game of “Etihad” and was celebrated and easy to the “8” of the “light” event with a total score of 6-2. He scored. Before the first quarter came out, Manchester City managed to reach 2–0 against Copenhagen. In her first phase in the match (5′) Guardiola’s team managed to open the score with Akanji, after performing her first corner in the match. In 8′ and in the execution of the second corner, the “citizens had a beam with Rodri, while in the development of the phase Alvarez made the shot with the right side position, with Grabara losing the ball through his hands and she ending up in the nets. Copenhagen pulled out a more competitive face then and managed to cut the score. After a senior ball release at 29′, Eliunussi was perfectly combined with Oscarson, with former Olympiacos player “doing” with a large-area plane of Ederson to make 2-1. Despite this development, Manchester City has reached the… break in rest, reaching 45-minute delays at 3-1, with Haaland. Manchester City had the… upper hand and the replay, reaching the Copenhagen frames with relative ease. The new victory—and qualification—of Pep Guardiola’s team, was approaching the end of the minutes and finally arrived with the score remaining the same.