Man stabbed two women fatally, employees at Mexico University

No apparent cause of young man fatally yesterday, Wednesday (06.03.2024) two women, administrative officers, at the Guadalajara University of Technology, in the west. According to the prosecutor of the state of Halisco, Mexico, Luis Joaquin Mendes, a man was also injured by the attack of the 20-year-old, who invaded the university armed with a knife and an axe, with which many windows were broken. “There was no reason, no obvious cause”, the prosecutor explained, according to which “the attack was made against the first people he saw.” Police, who arrested the perpetrator, are also investigating his relationship with another woman found dead in a hotel the same day, Mendes added. Mexico is facing a serious problem of violence against women. In 2023, 852 female homicides were committed in the country, according to official evidence.

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