Magnesia: The 72-year-old who stabbed his twin brother

A 72-year-old man was released who stabbed his twin in the Rizzomyl. His 72-year-old and brother lived together in their maiden house at the Magnesia Rizzomyl. According to, the neighborhood had found no problems in their relationships until the moment one brother stabbed his twin in November 2021. As a result, it was the perpetrator, then 69 years old, to be sentenced by the Mixed Jury of Karditsa to 10 years in prison for attempted homicide and to spend the last 2.5 years in the Corydal prisons. Today (05.03.2024) however, the Mixed Jury Court of Appeals of Larissa decided the guilt of the elderly not for the attempted homicide as it had been convicted in the first instance but for the act of heavy unintended physical harm and with the two-year prison sentence imposed on him, effectively led him out of prison. Before the decision was announced, however, the testimony of the witnesses was preceded by the sufferer, the brother of the defendant, who, before coming to the stand, embraced and kissed his brother. He then testified what happened that day. How his brother was reportedly annoyed that he could not contribute financially to the house and buy things and violent acts that followed. Initially with a wood he hit him in the back and in the head and then with a knife he allegedly took from the kitchen stabbed him in the abdomen. “He didn’t want to kill me” replied however the passions to a relevant court question. What he said in his testimony As stated in, in his testimony the defendant described a different situation. He said his brother grabbed him by the neck and shook him and then had to take and hold a knife in the air aimed at scaring him and stopping. Instead his brother, as he said, grabbed the knife and then started fighting resulting in the latter’s injury. The defendant then initially notified his cousin who lived near the house and then went to his brother’s son who also stayed nearby to inform him of the incident and call for help. Please note that in the meantime the children of the two brothers who described the tension that existed in the relations of the twins from several years ago, and as witnesses to the defence of the accused they testified to the inhabitants of the village who described him as a man calm and dear to the community and the victim as a temperate character. The defendant was taken to the Court of Appeal today with three acts weighing on him. The attempted homicide with deceit in a calm mental state, illegal weaponry, and weaponry. The prosecutor of the bench suggested that the attempt be converted into heavy unintended physical harm and then his guilt for this act. He also suggested his guilt for gun use and acquittal for firearms. The court in turn declared the defendant guilty of heavy unintended physical harm and gun use and after recognising the mitigating effect of his act, imposed a total sentence of two years and three months.