Maduro is now changing and the time in Venezuela

    A few days ago, the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, had called on their citizens not to work on Fridays, he had asked not to use air conditioners, but also not to use blow dryers in order to avoid the blackouts.
    Now, Maduro announces a new measure to reduce the wastage of electricity, following the example of his predecessor, Hugo Chavez.
    It was in 2007, when Chavez had set a unique time zone for Venezuela, moving the clock half an hour back, so to dawns the time they wake up most people.
    A similar… reform is to follow, and his successor, which from 1 May will modify the time zone in order to enhance the energy savings.
    “It’s going to change the time zone in Venezuela from 1 May in order to help to save electric energy. I will explain this measure in the coming days, but it is part of a common goal: to overcome this situation”, explained Maduro, without specifying whether the clock will be moved forward or back.
    The threat of protracted blackouts in Caracas exacerbated due to the drought occurring in the country, due to which the level of water in the hydroelectric plants have reached the alert threshold.
    For this reason, therefore, power cuts are frequent, with the opposition to condemn the imaginative solutions Maduro for a working week of only four days, therefore making for dangerous movements.
    All of this, adding to the everyday difficulties faced by the citizens of Venezuela, who are forced to form queues to buy basic products at a time when the country faces a deep recession.