Macron advocates the euthanasia bill in France

The president joined today Sunday (10/03/2024) for the first time in favour of the bill on France. In particular Macron expressed his support for the new legislation on assisted suicide today for the first time, a law allowing what the French president called “help in death” and said he wants his government to submit in May a draft of the euthanasia Act to parliament. Neighbor countries of France, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands have adopted laws that allow medically assisted suicide in some cases. However, to this day, France has not moved on to this reform because of the pressure of the Catholic Church. The Claeys-Leonetti Act on euthanasia, approved in 2016, allows deep repression but only for persons whose medical prognosis is threatened in the short term. In an interview with Liberation, Macron clarified that he does not want the new legislation to be described as euthanasia or assisted suicide, but rather “help in death”. “Exactly, the law does not create a new right nor a freedom, but it outlines a path that has not existed until now and which opens up the possibility of asking for help in euthanasia under certain strict conditions,” said the French president. Macron said that these conditions should be met and a medical team will evaluate and ensure that the criteria for the decision are correct. Legislation will only concern adults who are able to make the decision and whose life expectancy is threatened in the medium term, such as terminal cancer, he said. Family members will also be able to appeal against the decision, completed by the French president. The bill is based on the work of a group of 184 French citizens who were randomly designated and discussed the issue. The group completed its work last year with 76% of its members stating that it is in favour of allowing some form of assisted suicide for those who want it. The decision to proceed with this euthanasia comes after guaranteeing the right to abortion in the French Constitution, after an overwhelming vote by Members earlier this month. Macron attempts to strengthen his image as a social reformer just three months before the June European elections. His party is located over 10 units behind the far-right National Alert party, according to polls.