Maccabi Tel Aviv fans in a fierce fight in the Constitution – Video from wood

A serious episode of her fans took place a few hours before the game with Olympiacos for the Conference League “16” with videos showing wild wood with many people in . The information mentions a man of Arab descent, who had a flag of Palestine and was attacked by Maccabi Tel Aviv fans after throwing a bottle at them in the Metro in the Constitution. In the videos already circulating in social media, however, several body-to-body battles are seen on the steps of Syntagma Square, with punches and threads creating images of horror. We recall that more than 1,500 Maccabi Tel Aviv fans have travelled to Greece for their team’s match with Olympiacos in the “16” of the Conference League. 🇮🇱🇬🇷ISRAEL vs GREECE – RIOT BREAKS OUT BEFORE GAME Violence breaks out before the Maccabi Tel Aviv vs. Olympiacos game in Greece as fans clash, sparked by a local man shooting “Pak Israel. “Source: Yediot News — Mario Nawfal (@MarioNawfal)