Lycurgus can be “redeemed” but he needs our help until you unblock the availability of

Reprint from the National Association of a Five-year Obligation and Contract for fire-fighters: All together we can help the hero fireman who left with 90% disability.
Lycurgus Citizen, a Firefighter, a five-year commitment for four months is in a forced sick leave without pay. The story of Lycurgus rocked the Greek, after shocking story we first (see HERE) as a result, a lot of shows on tv and radio to engage extensively with the serious problem that it faces.
Firefighter -driver – a rescue swimmer from 2000 to October of 2013 where he suffered a very serious work-related accident with severe traumatic brain injury(right hemiparesis, loss of memory,speech,seizures). Since September, however, Lycurgus is outside of insurance coverage, with 90% disability, unemployed and without any income having completed 720 days of sick leave, the maximum you can have someone under the Law
.So, the unfortunate fireman, is not entitled to a salary, once the cogs of bureaucracy have not put in permanent availability as a required basis of existing law. Lycurgus needs our financial help to be able to cover the drugs,(number 15 on the day),doctors,diagnostic tests, physical therapy, and of course the basic needs. The money is needed per month and NOT covered by the public insurance is a lot.
From September, therefore, Lycurgus is considered to be “awol” from the service, with the result that stopped the payroll. Kindly, those readers have the financial ability to help, with the minimum amount, let’s do so. We can all work together to help thinking that it could have happened to any of us. Please take serious consideration on the above request for help. Let’s help him until you “unstick” the bureaucracy with the όβολό us…
To act as a true Greeks and as Christians, because of the days to help Lycurgus to smile. Be not nervous in vain for a living. To relieve, even temporarily.
The bank account can be deposited any amount in National Bank in the name of CITIZEN ΛΥΚΟΥΡΓΟΣ of GEORGE and number:
GR 0401104150000041564430951
With the price
for the D.P. of the Association