Lucilla Carrère for Mimi Plessa: She’s 100 years old, she never ate vegetables, fruit and meat, ate eggs and sweets.

About her husband, she spoke to the television cameras or, among other things, asked her about their common course, but also the… secret of longevity of the known composer. “A relationship can withstand mutual retreats, with love… I have never been bored, it is another page and I enjoy it as much as 10, 20 years,” Lucilla Carrère originally said about Mimi Plassa. “Mimis Plessas reaches 100 and never ate fruit, vegetables and meat. He only ate what he wanted. He wanted to eat eggs and sweets. That’s what he did and he wouldn’t listen to anyone. That’s what he wanted, that’s what he wants, and that’s what he does. Plus he’s given a lot of love, sown love, collects love. And on the other hand, I want to believe that it will be near us in 100 years at Herodion and at the Palace of the Year in winter. First God be with us to enjoy and enjoy it. And of course to sow more love,” Mimi Plassa’s wife said afterwards.