LOVERDOS: “We will discuss the N / S on TV” … Hey … LOGICAL WAY WE IN KI’ALLIOS We have elected???

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    Since posting lists of affiliated doctors expect problems but postponements appointment of doctors to impose our members to do, told SKY television and broadcasting “First Line”, the Health Minister, Andreas Loverdos.

    noted that 400,000 have been canceled appointments and left edges against doctors Doctors say that afflict their members and keep them in trouble.

    He clarified that the bill the insured will have the opportunity to go to their doctor and will not be erected in the queue.

    noted that Doctors have come to the dialogue and we will not discuss the bill with doctors via video windows.

    strike because we are trampling the sectoral agreement for the supply of hospitals and for primary health care, said TV on the SKY, Dimitris Barnabas, president of Doctors Hospital.

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