Loverdos: If the ‘Democracy’ does not catch 3% in the European elections, I leave politics

He pointed out that if the “Democrats” party he founded didn’t catch 3% in, then he would leave politics. Speaking to the ERT Andreas Loverdos pointed out that “if 3% is not won in the upcoming European elections, it will be the final act of my political course. I think it makes sense.” Regarding the search for executives he stressed that: “The ballot is being formed now. Half of his members have been suppressed who he may be, based on the proposals, because they exist. Since we published this video last Monday from Evros and our website the democrats, it was dozens of people who said they wanted to be candidates. And yet before, when we were getting ready we told the people if you want to come down you will come down.” He also said that “the party’s name leaves a clear message that we have a front against the extremes. And beyond that he has in him the power of the slogan that we will not leave our patriotism and homeland a gift to the fascists, to all sorts of bully, racist and intolerance. We’re patriots in our hands. The patriotism and fate of Greece and the interest of the country and its citizens are in safe hands.”

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