Loss at the Coldplay concert – Dream setting in the crowded OAKA

Shortly after 21.00 on Saturday night (8/6/24) the people ascended to the tent of the immaculate, causing people to delude themselves. It was the first of the two Coldplay concerts in OAKA, which is sold out in our country… The images from the concert area are impressive… You’ve got a high power Chris Martin won the warmest applause once he got on stage while he didn’t fail to thank the government for the OAKA… The music and special effects, combined with the bright bracelets worn by viewers, created a dream setting. Adventure of a Lifetime! But in addition to the effects, there were also some ecological activities in the area, since Chris Martin and his company have a strong “green” consciousness. Among other things there were static bicycles, on which the rider could produce electricity. The special LED bracelets worn by viewers have been made of recyclable materials, with organizers even inviting people to return them after the concert’s end. Among the spectators, The concert was also attended by the president of SYRIZA,