(Title) Migrating the Greek patients in Skopje and Bulgaria for dental treatment

“I’m 23 years in this job. I have 5500 tabs patients. In recent years we have a great loss to our work. The reduction in dental work, such as fitting dentures and bridges, reaching 70%, while some expensive work has been lost completely “.
The Chairman of the Dental Association of Florina Giorgos Xanthopoulos describes the dramatic situation in which dentists have received the county due to the migration of Greek patients to neighboring Macedonia for dental examinations.
Only 30 kilometers away from Florina border and another 40 kilometers to the town of Bitola, which attracts many Greeks who choose to make their teeth in the Balkans.
The main incentive for these people are at reduced prices as the cost for the same dental practice up to two and a half times lower in Skopje and Bulgaria than in Greece.
Typically, the price for a seal in our country reaches 50 million, while in Macedonia and Bulgaria is around 10-15 euro, the price for cleaning teeth in Greece is 60-70 euro 10-15 million in neighboring countries, an artificial teeth costs around 1,200 euros in Greece and only 300 million in Skopje, while an integrated approach to change dental bridges and installation costs reaching about 2800 euros, while in the neighboring Balkan countries, costs 1,200 euros.
The same problem is experienced by other dentists, mainly from regions of western Macedonia, where proximity to the Balkan countries and high unemployment. So the dentist left without a job, so in addition to patients, … migrate themselves in Balkan countries to have customers.
“We bordering Bulgaria and affected. It is unthinkable to change teeth or placing the bridge in just two appointments without the monitor at the doctor. Yet this is what the dentists in neighboring countries, so often presented problems for patients who come to us then for help. In fact, they avoid to disclose their problem. From March onwards we have seen a reduction of our business by 30%, due to economic crisis, “notes the president of the Dental Association of Serres Elias Koutrovelis.

Health risks
dentures by … Nylon, placing the bridge which leads to create an abscess, and hepatitis infection are greater risks posed by dental instruments in Bulgaria and Macedonia.
“The microbiologists say that a record increase in cases of hepatitis, although no concrete elements. This means that our fellow citizens who go to neighboring Balkan countries for dental instruments must be very careful and monitor compliance with the hygiene and disinfection and disinfection protocols, “says the chairman of the Dental Association of Kozani Vasilis Karagiannidis.
The chairman of the Dental Association of Pella Fysikoudi Katerina says it has begun the migration of children, pointing out that the state should put a brake on the brain of patients, strengthening primary health care in our country, as health centers and dispensaries to IKA work in harmony rather than compete.
For financial bleeding refers to the general secretary of the Dental Association of Kozani Tzikas Wisdom, saying that as a country profile “draw dentists” and complement “Sure there are good and bad dentists, either here or in Bulgaria Skopje. However, people fleeing the Balkans can not afford the staff physician. If you need immediate access to a dentist, would not have it because it involved 200 km “.

As he explains the President of the Pharmaceutical Association of Thessaloniki Athanasios Devliotis The successive increases in VAT rates, which increase the cost of materials supplied, the increases in tariffs of public utilities, continued increases in insurance charges and the impending increase in the price of heating oil have eject the operating expenses of the Greek dentists. This, combined with higher costs of living in Greece, compared with the region of Skopje and Bulgaria is bound to lead to higher cost of dental care in our country.
However, the real economic problem of dental care is a significant lack of coverage by the pension funds of our country. “It is unacceptable that the sectors which health fund, to which the insured pays a Greek compulsory levy, not to cover the costs of even basic needs for dental care. Features mentioning that the believer, whose prices follow most funds of our country, recognized as an expense for the amount of fillings 6.86 euro price riveted by 1993, “says.
Also points out that Central Board of Health (KESY) has accepted the scientific study of the cost of dental instruments has been developed by the Greek Dental Association, which, if implemented, will be able to cut down the leakage of Greek patients. “The Greek dentists have a high level of knowledge and training, provide high quality services, have equipment that meets all the requirements of EU (Certificate CE), information for which we can not be sure on to colleagues in other countries, since Bulgaria joined the EU recently not yet harmonized with all specifications, while Macedonia did not belong to the EU, “says Devliotis.

By Nikoleta Buka

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