Libovisi Arcadia: How is the village where Kolokotronis was born today?

Libovisi Arcadia – Kolokotronis. Two concepts completely interwoven and we will see why below. In dozens of villages of Greece the history of the Greek Revolution of 1821 was written. Where fighting was fought, forts were created, ambushes were set up and the Greeks fought with the Turks to liberate Greece. Some of these Greek villages stand out because there were great battles and historical moments were written. And some of these villages gave birth to the great protagonists of the Greek Revolution of 1821, those who stood out, came forth and left history with their name. And one of them, of course, is Theodore Kolokotronis. Or the Old Man of Moriah as they called him and called him even today. Kolokotronis came from one of the Peloponnese and specifically from a village in Arcadia. The reason for Libovisi. A historic but deserted village now. Despite the fact that it’s deserted, however, as soon as you’re there, you’ll be making a trip to history. You’ll feel like you’re automatically transferring to the Greek Revolution period. In the birthplace of a hero, Theodore Kolokotronis. Libovisi Arcadia is a small village which is about 30 km from Tripoli. From there came Theodore Kolokotronis, but also his entire family who lived here for twelve generations. .

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