Liagas for the call for a bomb on ANT1 – “We also made this a matter of the show”

Resurrection was caused to just before 11 a.m. when a stranger called the TV station secretariat that a bomb has been placed in the building. Immediately he called out an alarm and requested the evacuation of the building by the workers. They all came out of Studio Kapa and at the point arrived TDM men but also ambulance and fire department. The broadcasts that were in the air were discontinued and even its contributors also went out. A few minutes after 12 and after the necessary checks had been completed the workers returned to their offices and the show “The Breakfast” went back on the air with George Liaga describing everything that happened and closing saying: “We also made this subject of the show”. While outside well-known presenters and experienced journalists were humorously addressing the whole upset.

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