LETTER KATAPELPTIS classmates throughout Greece “went into liquidation financially and morally”

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(Title)  « We are not new to volemenoi i-Rod, of Facebook and kaloperasis.Den we want to be either a “pathetic generation of 700 million, as we onomazoun.Kai in this effort we are not alone. With candor and immediacy, the students of the School Moraitis appeal to the Greek community to stop “killing” the young – ‘either a ball of michanismoueite government indifference to the daily. The text, prepared by the Central High School Community Council after discussions in all classes of the school, it resembles neither angry nor inarticulate cries union wooden floor. With a simple style and mature, his classmates adikochamenou throughout Greece seem to fully understand the pathogenesis of Greek society, despite his young age. And that starts with a dramatic premise: “Unfortunately eptochefsamen-both financially and morally».

Younger students do not forget the wrongful death of their peers, or stop asking the “why that hurt” and related not just with the unjust murder of their classmate, but the overall situation of our country. “Nobody speaks, nobody is taking responsibility. As then, eighteen months ago when nobody could explain to Alexander Grigoropoulos the reason is no longer among us … Or like today, nobody dares to explain the new generation of the ground can not hope ‘ reporting requirements, adding that society seems to have completely forgotten youth. And when that sidelined angry youth came to the streets in December 2008, he managed to shake and cause, probably because “some people feared that they would be forced to give up the convenience of everyday life, because the” rebels without a cause “(a designation that so effortlessly us complain) awoke, were cause to complain ».

The designation” rebels without a cause “the students respond with a harsh accusation against the conditions that stifle creative youth participation in social events, especially those prevailing in Education. With the Panhellenic examinations have become an end in itself, the educational systems have become a key driver training and special talents of students to be marginalized, education has become “a commercial product giving rise to any occasion with social inequality. The arrows turn indeed to the media: “The processed information, the manipulated information and the growing sense of fear alone manage it is to repel us, the new generation ‘of note, stressing that the only thing they ask is dignity respect to the receiver of information.

«You fault” is a phrase common in the mouths of new-to “you” refers to parents, teachers, to “big” politicians in any form of power. But classmates of the deceased Alexander manage to go a step further and recognize that behind the problems can not hide an invisible culprit, but all of us. “We ourselves and pathological belief in a Messiah who persecute us … We all have accommodated all afraid to sacrifice something of the besotted and volemeni life “they write.

The faceless state students to replace them with their own dream: a society” that is not competitive, but competitive, not violent but peaceful, is not utilitarian but a collective. And know well that such a society is not built only by young people (both impetuous and if it is) and I am not seeking to “overthrow the system, just ask respect for older generations. “The rejection hurts us. Impress us, because without cooperation can not go makria.As stop loiponpia “large” (and possibly compromised) to condemn us and let us finally a step towards real progress. ” And end up stretching out his hand: “We respect you, listen, we are ready. You; ».

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