Letter from the Panhellenic Association of Private and Occupational Personnel for Equal Work Treatment of Women

asking for equal work treatment of those working at sea sent to the Maritime and Labor Ministries by the Pan-Hellenic Private and Professional Chambers of Personnel Association. More in detail, the letter states that “we fully understand that the nature of work does not allow a pregnant woman to work, but we cannot accept that she is entitled to the same working rights and access to state care (pregnancy, lotteries and maternity leave) as other working mothers and pregnant women on land. Let alone when the insurance contributions and taxation of those insured at NATO are at least three times as high as those of the insured employees at the EPCA.” The same letter states that “the lack of care leads several female sailors to delay the creation of a family so that they do not face labour problems, while professional careers and motherhood are considered incompatible. The period of pregnancy in the area of yachting is treated as a disease, without work respect and self-evident labor and human rights, which exist in all other branches. The Panhellenic Association of Private and Professional Cabins claims and expects the Greek yachting to compete with international yachting and acquire the employer branding (laboratory reputation) it should. One way is to guarantee labour rights, which are considered self-evident in the other branches and to inform the competent state bodies of the gross injustice suffered by Greek sailors. In this way, high-level crews will be attracted, reducing labour problems which are often called upon to deal with the vessels in the middle of a tourist season. In addition, the tourist services provided will be upgraded, and the revenues will be multiple, as there will be more satisfied visitors and repeaters. We ask the competent ministry to take appropriate steps to resolve the issue of parental labour rights for female sailors.”