Lesbos: City school closed due to oil spill

It was forced to close as the oil tank pierced. Or he’s watching everything that’s becoming known about the matter… Closed since March 6, Agras Elementary School, when its 4,000-litre oil tank (containing at least 2,500 liters) was pierced, resulting in the boiler room’s warehouse flooding. According to the information of the President of the Primary Education Committee of the Municipality, Nikos Perivolaris, “directly after the incident, the Fire Department was called by the School Committee and applied all the procedures envisaged, they removed with the assistance of officials of the Municipality all items in the warehouse. Subsequently a special crew was instructed to proceed with oil extraction, cleaning and disinfection of the site and a technician to repair the problem in the tank.” “The work that remains to be done with the supervision of Deputy Mayor of Education Dimitris Alexiou to enable the school to function safely again is completed on Sunday, March 17th and according to the Director of Primary Education in Lesvos Dimitris Voulgaris, the school will function normally on Tuesday, March 19th” . As ERT broadcast, during this time classes become webex.

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