Lemnos: This is the 19-year-old who catches the Cross for… the 10th time and “breaks” all the Greek record!

    Thanasis Englezos, the blessed here and 10 consecutive years in the island of Lemnos…
    How not to make a thing out of this 19-year-old boy….
    Of the eight years, during the ceremony of the consecration of the water in the Androni Limnos, falls to catch the cross, and until this year has broken all the record has done in the 11 times 10!

    He manages every year to surprise all of their “opponents”, and even the Priests of the Parish and we are all sure anymore that this young man will break the world record!!!
    Yes, the facebook made and photo tribute, congratulating him on!!!

    As said he feels blessed and wished health around the world