Lebanese interest in cooperation with Greek companies for oil warehouse management

Her interest was shown by the Lebanese side for cooperation with the aim of managing oil warehouses in , during yesterday’s meeting (11,32024) of her representative and head of the Ministry of Energy and Water, Walid Fayad, with the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy, Alexandra Sdoukou. The purpose of the visit was to inform the Lebanese delegation of energy policies and in particular energy transition policies, as well as to explore opportunities for cooperation with Greek companies. For its part, the Lebanese Minister for Energy and Water noted Greece’s progress in the field of renewable energy sources and showed particular interest in the measures and policies adopted by our country in the areas of electricity storage, market operation and electricity prices, as well as the role played by public energy companies. Mr Fayad also noted the interest of the Lebanese side in working with Greek companies, with a view to managing a complex of oil warehouses in Lebanon. Finally, the Lebanese Minister for Energy and Water showed interest in the water and urban waste water sector, which was informed in detail by the Secretary-General for Natural Environment and Water, Mr. Petros Varelidis. Both Mrs Sdoukou and Mr Varelidis noted their availability to provide further technical assistance to the Lebanese side on energy and water policy issues.

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