Leap year: What is it, why and when we have it?

    What is this strange thing we call a leap year? Why and when we have such a weird year? See here!
    Before we see all of the on the leap year, to mention the following fact:
    we have created some units for measuring time count the seconds, the minutes, the hours, the days, the months, the years.
    These units of measurement, however, is not random. They have to do with the rotation of the sun around the earth.
    Why do we have leap year?
    But at first, let’s look at why we have a leap έτοςώστε to understand, and then all on.
    The problem is, is that, in a year that we are measuring (365 days) we have a range of 6 hours in relation to the solar year. So, after many years, we “were shifted” in the days-nights, the seasons, and we wouldn’t have a correct measurement, on the basis of our position in the sun.
    For example, after a few years, if it wasn’t for the leap year, 13:00 in the afternoon, it was night!
    So that’s why we have a leap year, so you don’t become that kind of hassle, as well as to not waste 6 hours of time, i.e. 24 hours (1 day) every 4 years.
    What is it?
    Initially, to understand what is a leap year, to mention that we have the year that we are measuring, and the solar year has to do with the position of the earth relative to the sun.
    These two years, you will need to go hand in hand!
    To achieve this, the leap year είναιουσιαστικά a “correction” that he invented the man, so as not to lose the correct measurement of hours days.
    When we have a leap year?
    Although we mentioned before that when we have a leap year, there is one more parameter, but let’s see in detail.
    A leap year is every 4 years, and to remember, to start with starting in 2000!
    The 2004 is a leap year, then 2008, 2012, 2016, etc.
    A leap year, we don’t have the hundred but we got the thousand! For example, 2000 was a and is 1000άδα, but e.g. the 2100 is not, because it is a hundred, and so on.

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