Lavrio Port: Plans for cruises, tourism – yachts for pleasure and sailing

As we had recently highlighted, it started a competition for the sale of a majority percentage, 50% plus one share, of the Port Organization (OLA), partly changing the model it had applied to other relevant procedures for the Port Authority of Heraklion and the Port Authority of Igoumenitsa (sale 67%). However, the TAIPED reportedly believes in the surplus values that can result from the exploitation of the Lavrio Port leaves open the possibility of later selling an additional share rate of about 17%. However, the point is the “atus” of ALL that can attract the interest of groups from the cruise (e.g. MSC Cruises), the coastal or even wider business world (Grimaldi etc.) tourism and the exploitation of marinas or shipping – equipment. According to this presentation, Lavrio Port offers a range of commercial activities, from cruises and ferries to bulk and container traffic, complementary to Ro/Ro activities, offering direct connections with Cyprus and Israel. At Lavrio Port there is a yacht marina with an estimated capacity of 160 seats (now) and an additional 195 docking places (with future expansion). The port is considered to be of “national importance” and is located close to the ports of Piraeus and Rafina. The main plan of TAIPED is, due to its proximity to the airport of Spata, but also with popular destinations (e.g. Mykonos, Santorini, Smyrna, Alikarnassos, etc.), to be mainly home ferry cruise. Also, the arrival of the train in Lavrio will mean the direct connection of the port with the airport, the center of Athens and Piraeus. In addition, the port area is also used for catering, shopping etc. At present, ships from five ferry companies connect the port with Kea, Kythnos in the South Aegean, Agios Efstratios, Psara, Limnos and Kavala in the North Aegean, as well as Syros and from there on various islands in the Cyclades. The main activities of OLA consist of the provision of porting services to commercial vessels carrying bulk, general cargo and containers, to vessels sailing (E/C and O/C/C), cruise ships as well as to tourist vessels, fishing vessels and recreational craft. Furthermore, they consist of the provision of loading, storage and transit services of bulk dry and general cargo, containers, and wheeled cargo, the provision of services to cruise and ferry passengers, and the provision of spaces for the pursuit of professional activities, including the deposition and storage of wind turbines. Also, OLA has the right to use and exploit ports of Legrenes and Bromoposio, which are currently used for a naval purpose.