“Laundering” of the Crimes «BLACKWATER»!!!

(Title)  The notorious mercenary About «Blackwater» which has now been renamed to a private security company Xe (Ze) can be located in a “cyclone” revelations and adventures and legal proceedings, but the crimes of “wash” through fines and even violations of the law on export restrictions to U.S..

fine of 42 million dollars will be paid by previously known as «Blackwater Worldwide» – and the brutal killing of 17 Iraqis in Nisour Square in Baghdad in September 2007 – according to Newspaper «The New York Times», for hundreds of violations, including the export of weapons are not allowed in Afghanistan, providing training for police snipers in Taiwan and not “authorized” to provide education to troops in southern Sudan. Five company executives face prosecution for illegal weapons, two former employees of being prosecuted for the murders of two Afghans in Kabul in May 2009.

However, the fine imposed upon conviction of the company, but after lengthy Negotiations between Xe and law at the State Department, which resulted in a settlement so the company can avoid prosecution and thus can continue to participate in government tenders, as reported by the New York Times ».

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