Last goodbye to the 39-year-old that his father-in-law killed in Nice – tragic figures his wife and father

The last goodbye to their beloved Stelios who fell dead from his father-in-law on the morning of last Friday (1/2/2024) tell relatives and friends at the church of Evangelistria in . Tragic figure the wife and the father of the 39-year-old who left life due to the obsessive dispositions of the 64-year-old perpetrator and suicide. The pain mute, and one because it hovers in the atmosphere. In the church of Evangelista in Nice they all give the present. Friends, relatives and people who knew the father of the two children. The countdown for a heinous crime that in recent days shocked the nationwide began at 8.00 in the morning of 1 March 2024. The 64-year-old man had set up a stakeout on his son-in-law and as soon as the victim got out of his house in order to go to the parking lot where his car was parked, then the perpetrator approached him and after lifting his shotgun he shot him twice. He then turned the gun on himself and with a shot he also ended his own life. Eyewitness in the incident was one of the victim’s minor children. The kid at the time of the murder was on the balcony of the house and saw his father fall dead from his grandfather’s fire. He even shouted at his mother: “Mom, mom a bad guy killed Dad”. According to what has become known, the 64-year-old offender who abused his wife, proceeded to his heinous act, as he held them responsible for the divorce his wife asked him for his daughter and son-in-law. So he came to Athens from Corfu who lived after the separation with his wife wanting to clarify as he believed with his disturbed mind the situation.