Larissa: “My daughter was abused by her mother and relatives” claims the 47-year-old doctor

For the first time since the day he was incarcerated, the 47-year-old doctor in charge of his only 3.5-year-old daughter, “solves” his silence on Live News and talks about everyone and everything. The 47-year-old doctor in Larisa pleads innocent and the victim of a well-organized plot against him, who sent him, as he says unjustly, to the Grenese prisons, for lewdness to his daughter. He denies molesting his child and accuses him of hiding behind the marks on the child’s body his wife and her father are hiding. “What I’m interested in is not my own “crossing”, I’m interested in justifying the child. What they do dishonor my children,” the defendant said. He’s talking to Live News about a plot he believes was set up against, aiming as he emphasizes not being able to raise his daughter. “Whatever plot they set me up, because they were all ambushes and plots. Everything was going based on plan and strategy from them.” He thinks he paid and pays for the fact that he once preferred to keep his mouth shut. When his little daughter was taken injured to a hospital. “Three times I have the dates from the University of Katerini Hospital. Many times I got it hit with bruises and abrasions.” The defendant’s wife, gives a diametrically opposite description of events on Live News. The video document that Live News brought to light is a short time before the complaint of lewdness was made. Looks like the 47-year-old in the playground playing with his daughter. The complaint reached at the “Smile of the Child” reported that the doctor was in the car for a long time along with the child and the windows were clouded. As his wife repeats, the 47 – year – old behavior was something that troubled an entire village in recent times, with him admitting nothing. “I tried to support her, because she always said I was her support and her savior,” the defendant stressed. As the accused doctor’s lawyer says, his client has begun a hunger strike in prison for his unjust, as he describes it as being guarded. The whole issue remains in focus with residents in the village of Stomio, Larissa assessing for another day all the elements that come to the fore. “My daughter was abused by her mother and relatives” The doctor’s version of what happened the night he was at the playground with his daughter and then they saw him being with her in the car gave Live News the accused doctor. “The last night, before there was a raid, the next day that I was to deliver the child, my child was crying with sobbing, sobbing and telling me ” Dad, please, take me out of there, I can’t take it anymore. I am hit by Grandpa, Grandma, Mom and Aunt”. That night, I took the kid back to Katerini hospital’s T.E.D. because I got it bruised. I picked it up with bruising, tanned on his legs, face, hands, and I took it to record the damage. “At that time, we just finished because, too, the child was in a strain from the fatigue we had gone to the hospital telling me “Dad to go to trampoline”. So we’re leaving the trampoline, tired of the kid and he wanted to eat. I had dinner with him in a bowl and then he wanted us to go to the train station that’s right across from the playground. I was sitting right there, feeding her and she wanted my girl to see the roller coaster. She wants to watch the trains, she likes them. He’s scared, it’s self-evident to say what he was told to say and do. From 27 February I am on hunger strike already from Katerini detention centres”.