Larissa: “I would never hurt my daughter,” says the 47-year-old doctor at

“My innocence will soon be proven,” says the 47-year-old from whom he is accused of lewdness against his only 3.5-year-old daughter. The doctor arrested in a Larisa area and after a complaint made at the “Smile of the Child” breaks his silence for the first time and speaks exclusively to The doctor accused of molesting in his car to the minor claims he would never harm his child. “I categorically deny the charges attributed to me. I would never hurt my daughter. Those who know me know that my only concern has always been the child, since his birth,” says the 47-year-old doctor and continues to supplement: “I love my child as much as anything else in the world and have been led to a struggle, to prove that my child must be removed from his mother’s environment, as only problems and obscurity offer to this innocent creature.” Then, the incarcerated man waiting for them came from the controls of the biological material they have taken from the car, where he allegedly molested the 3.5-year-old little girl, mentions “fictions”, which were built by the relative environment of his ex-wife. “Everything mentioned by my ex-wife’s related environment is novels and found a step forward, so that they can remove responsibilities and escape justice. I repeat that I am being unjustly detained and patiently awaiting expert reports and the results of biological control. I believe that my innocence will soon be proven and I will continue my struggle so that my daughter can grow up with love and security,” he points out.