Larissa: “Dad Is Afraid of Him” – The Testimonials of Mother and Childhood Owner for Lisey to Little Girl

“I love Dad, but I fear him” he allegedly said among other things to the child psychologist, in the presence of police officers, the 3.5-year-old girl from her, who was considered with suspicions of lewdness by his own father, who is known to the area. Meanwhile, his mother’s testimony just 3.5-year-old girl, in which his doctor father from Larissa reportedly molested, is shocking, while the description of the man who denounced the incident in “The Smile of the Child” is also creepy. In her testimony, the child’s mother allegedly claimed that “since the very first year of our marriage we have had problems. He beat me and abused me. Although I had sued him for domestic violence that is still pending court, I stayed with him because he always convinced me he would change.” At the same time she was reportedly saying that she even needed to be hospitalized, “because she had hit me so badly, she broke my nose.” But the worst in 47-year-old behavior, according to the child’s mother, came with the pregnancy and birth of the girl. “When the child was born, even more strange situations began. He was always completely naked. He took the child in his arms while he was naked and touched it on his genitals. Also, when I was taking a bath, the kid went in the bathtub, naked. Of course we were arguing too much and demanding that all this stop.” She is reportedly testifying to authorities that “when I spoke to my parents, then I was able to take the child and leave in March 2023. We got into the consensual divorce and settled his communication with the child. All this time we’ve broken up and taken the child, I realize that the child, when he’s with him, doesn’t feed properly and sometimes he’s vomited. According to the child some of these times hit her while others just yelled at her.” The key man for revealing the father’s repulsive actions towards his own little girl, was—according to the evidence—the owner of the playground, who allegedly told police officers about the doctor that “this man has made an impression on me and on the staff of my shop since he is special in his behavior during his stay in the store.” Feeling has caused . Continuing, he is reportedly describing how he and his employees perceived the situation. “He came with his daughter on 26 February 2024 at 23:40 and left at exactly 12, while taking a toast for his daughter. He boarded the car and parked across the park in front of my store. That made an impression. Me and one of my employees, we drove our own vehicle next to him to see what he was doing. The windows were blurred and they didn’t look good inside.” And then it was the moment, as he allegedly claims, that he called “The Smile of the Child”. “At about 00:40 hour I called the Smile of the Child to tell me how to move. The woman who answered the call told me not to do any action and that she would contact me again.” As reportedly told police the owner of the playground “againing next to him 00:45 hour I noticed, as the first time, that he had the girl on their feet in the driver’s seat, while he had the zipper open from his coat and from the inside was naked. I also saw that at that time he was wiping the kid’s mouth with a paper. Then he left obviously because he was disturbed by our presence and following him we drove to Platamonas Castle and apparently headed for Larissa.” In fact in his testimony she allegedly claimed that “as my employee had told me on Sunday, February 25, he had told his daughter to put two balls under her shirt and jump to swing these like they were breasts while the little one told my employee that her dad hit her mom.” At the same time, photos-document from the doctor’s environment depicting the attack he had received a while ago, from her ex-wife and her family brings to the public The mother of the 3.5-year-old child seems to hold a stone and throw it to the accused father of the child, while her new partner seems to be holding a basket in his hands and having that aggressive behavior. Angelos Lambidis, Anna Triantafylia Tsoutsa