Landscape in the mist in the Stock market

Pending the developments of the negotiation is the Stock to investors to evaluate the new measures…
it brings the draft law on energy, “red” loans, superfund, taxation and insurance, and to present the General Index of crowding “forces” in a narrow price range.
As reported by stock market analysts at the time that the domestic investment community is suffering from liquidity combined with frustration due to non-participation of the last upward momentum of X.A. the foreign portfolios and their managers are planning their next moves.
To the technical data, the stock market remains hesitant, because, after a significant rise in the last period, the banks assimilate acquired. As the General Index διακρατά the support of 613 units, the short-term trend remains clearly upward.
Upward remains the short-term trend of all indices with the General Index continues to move within the critical zone of 620 – 630 units.To point out also that today, the third Friday of the month, there will be the expiry of derivatives series product May in fact which would diversify the situation a little…