Lampros Constantaras for Dimitris Papanota: It’s here and then elsewhere, whatever.

‘ Papanotas vet has studied and is involved in television” stressed Dimitris Papanotas. Labros Konstantaras expressed his opinion on Thursday afternoon in the air of Fay’s Time of SKai, about the sharp comments made by Dimitris Papanotas about Noni Dunia and her intention to find a candidate MEP. “Mr. Papanotas removed them and from where he said out of respect to Mrs. Dunia, what will go to the European Parliament? I mean, the guy doesn’t sit around and eat fish. He’s here and elsewhere. Whatever. A terrible confusion,” the well-known journalist and associate of Faye Skorda initially stressed. “Or rather jealous that he is not a candidate MEP and is Noni Donia (and if he is). And he says what he’s going to teach them to model? We come from an ugly comment to Betty Magyira and an ugly comment to Noni Donia.” “Price and pride is also in a man, if he wants to change career at 50. And Papanotas vet has studied and deals with television. Is that honorable? No matter. One more knowledge. No, I’m saying it because Nono Dunia can teach modeling and Papanotas, who wants to go to the European Parliament, to show them how to sterilize rabbits. We’ve seen everything now. Do you understand me to care if he catches me in his mouth? To say the common sense,” stressed Labros Constantaras.