Lamia – AEK: Saviour Tsilloulis will not fight against the Union in playoffs

Sotiris Tsilloulis will not compete in her games against the Super League playoffs, with the team of Fthiotida announcing her decision through announcement. Specifically, the administration of Lamia made the decision: Sotiris Tsiloulis-who will be playing with the AEK-na jersey from the summer to the next team, in the two games for the playoffs, with the club making an announcement. In this way Lamia clears up to avoid misunderstandings her attitude regarding Sotiris Tsilloulis, who has spent his last months with the club of Fthiotida, since from the new season she will wear the AEK jersey. Lamia’s announcement “By decision of the management of PAS Lamia 1964 FC, in the two games of the Stoiximan Super League play off against AEK, Sotiris Tsilloulis is not going to compete, both for the protection of the team and his own footballer”.

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