Lamia – AEK: Quotes of fans from police for smoke on the balconies next to the stadium

She defeated 2-1 at her headquarters for the Super League 1 playoffs’ first match in a game that was closed to the doors, but some Union fans were found in balconies and terraces in the surrounding houses. But the fact seems to have come out… sour, since 40 of them appear to have been brought in by the police after the end of Lamia – AEK, for lighting tobacco. The new legislation has tightened the measures on the courts, with torches and smokes being banned and leading to arrests, which the police did and for fans who were in the adjacent apartment buildings. Incredible things in Lamia: 40 AEK friends who saw the game from a roof have been brought in! Because they lit 2 smokes, which did not fly! — Tasos Kapetanakos (@Tasos_kapet) It is worth noting, however, that no tobacco fell on the field.