Lamia – AEK LIVE premiere of Super League playoffs

The team has an away test in the first Super League playoff game, with Matias Almeida’s team facing her in the closed doors “Athanasios Diakos”. AEK wants to start its Super League playoff obligations with victory and take the first step in defending its title. Contra in Lamia, the Union is the ultimate favourite for victory despite its many racing problems. Besides for the AEK is the punished Chuber and the wounded Amrampat, Fernandes, Gachinovic and Zini. Livai and Mukundi are back on the bench. Watch LIVE Lamia – AEK from The Super League’s pre-announcement for Lamia – AEK Lamia will participate for the first time in its history in the Stoiximan Playoffs process and become the ninth team to put its name on this list from 2019-20 that the process is being done and with the participation of its first score. Generally in Playoffs with all forms that have taken place since 2007-08 until today, 13 teams have competed and Lamia becomes the 14th. This is the 8th time Lamia will welcome the AEK and has so far failed to win against it in games for the league, since at their seven meetings so far it has two draws and five losses, while as a guest it counts seven losses in equal numbers games. The AEK has prevailed in their last eight consecutive encounters of independent headquarters and even in seven of them Lamia had not been able to score a single finish. This happened in their last match, which took place on 24 February 2024 in Lamia and the Yellow-Blacks took the 3-1 victory. 7 MEETINGS – NICK 2 ISOPALS 5 NIK AEK GALL: 3-12