Lamia – AEK: Closed doors due to BEMPs

The Standing Violence Commission announced that – (10/3) for the 1st Super League playoffs will become closed doors, as the cameras are not fully operational. Lamia will be deprived of her world in the team’s historic first game in the Super League playoffs. The stadium cameras don’t work, so the DEAB made the decision that the fight with the AEK be held behind closed doors. The announcement of the TEAB: “The Standing Committee on Violence announces that by its No. 6/07-03-2024 decision, it imposed the administrative ratification of the conduct of the LAMIA FC 1964 – AEK FC race, to be held at the DAK LAMIAS Athletic Facility “ATH DIAKOS” on Sunday, March 10, 2024, for the organization of the professional Super League 2023/2024 football championship, without the presence of spectators, pursuant to Article 8(1) and Article 6 of Law 5085/2024. It was found by the competent Police Authority that the cameras of the electronic surveillance system at the above stage are not fully operational as required by the law.”