Lamia – AEK 0-4: Sartic premiere at Super League playoffs

Without encountering any problems, she passed unscathed from the “Immortal Diakos”, crushing her with 4-0 for the Super League playoffs’ first race. The AEK ideally launched obligations in the Super League playoffs, taking the first step to defend its title. Despite its several racing problems, the Union passed comfortably from Lamia’s headquarters, scoring a goal in the first half with Callens and three in the second with Ponce and Levi Garcia. Without Tsilouli and Carlitos, Lamia appeared harmless, unable to threaten Stankovic’s focus. As for the Union, he entered with the knife in the… teeth, hammered Lamia’s focus from the first seconds and after he scored the first goal, he dropped rhythms in the second part, without this preventing her from scoring three more goals with Ponse and Levi Garcia (two goals)