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Lamia: Προφυλακιστέοι and the three for the savage murder in Karavomilos – What did the Interrogator [video]

I did it for my girl…” said the companion of a household assistant, it seems that she took all over the…
The road to the Korydallos prison, took the three defendants, after a plea, with a unanimous decision investigating judge and Prosecutor.
By the time they were climbing the stairs of the court of justice of the 42χρονος companion of the household of the assistant shouted to the cameras “For the girl I did. For my little girl…”, which reiterated and upon leaving the courthouse.
Just before the 31χρονη Λαμιώτισσα, a housekeeper, the victim’s, told the LamiaReport she was sorry why didn’t he go from the first moment the public Prosecutor to terminate the old man, while he denied the participation in murder.
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According to this report, the three defendants changed their testimony and claimed that the fatal night didn’t go to grandpa’s house to kill him, but to scare you because he attempted to ασελγήσει in the 4-year-old little girl of a household assistant.
But then they got in a fight with my grandpa and when he swore at me, the companion of 31χρονης stabbed him, without the other two to participate in the murder, and all three insisted that it was the cell phone robbery.
Without entering into the details of the case, the same is supported by the defense attorney, mr. Nadia Vas. Γώγουλου, which stated that he informed the investigating authorities about the real motive, highlighting, and other aspects of the case.
The counsel for the defense of the third party of the company, mr. Panagiotis Κοραντζόπουλος, argued that his client didn’t participate in the murder and in fact she was found tangled up in a stranger about this case, which does not concern him.
On the other hand, the prosecution argues that the only motive was robbery, and declares entirely satisfied by the decision of the justice for the remand of the three accused.
More specifically, the lawyer – partner of the office of the ποινικολόγου George Duma, mr. Nadia Peter Γώγουλου, stated inter alia: “anyone can engrave the defense, as you wish, but without overshooting the mark, causing the public sentiment, to insult the memory of the dead and don’t underrate our intelligence and judgment of the court of justice. ..”
Finally, the niece of the victim, Katerina Live, he thanked the justice and the Greek police, expressing the utmost satisfaction at the decision of justice to remand the three accused.
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