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Lament for 43χρονο former footballer Kostas Αλιβιζάκη

The whole local society in the Mesara and the local sport is in mourning the death of 43χρονου Kostas Αλιβιζάκη….
The 43-year-old former football player and father of two children left today the last breath on the steps of his house on her way to work at the construction site.
As has already been written cretapost, the lifeless body of Kostas Αλιβιζάκη found his wife and told his colleagues that he was not going to work.
The same after the call she headed for the exit of the house, where fearful found her husband lying dead on the ground.
The unlucky Costas was transferred to the Health center in Mires, where unfortunately it was found just the death of.
According to initial estimates, the 43-year-old suffered a heart attack, however light on the causes of his death will throw a necropsy.
Condolence announcements
Condolence notices adopted by the boards of the sports clubs Glory Γαλιάς and Degrees.
The communication of the Glory Γαλιάς:
“The board of Fame Γαλιάς mourns today the loss of a new συγψωριανού us. Kostas Αλεβιζάκης unfortunately is no longer among us. An active man who with the effortless smile touched all who knew him. Former player of our team for many years offered his services for and of our country. Lover of volunteering, was ubiquitous in all the social activities of the local society. Avid mantinades and family man, model but above all a man. Have a good trip dear our Sisters…”
The announcement of the Degree:
“The governing council of the Degree expresses its deep sorrow for the loss of Kostas Αλεβιζάκη who served as a member of our team. We offer our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the unfortunate demise of. Have a good trip Costa…

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