Lamda Development, sponsored by the Greek Paralympic Committee, supports an educational program to familiarise with disability

As part of the corporate social responsibility programme, she collaborates with AME “With Other Eyes”, sensitizing students on issues of disabled people. In support of the Greek Paralympic Committee for 2024, LAMDA Development continued, in view of this year’s Olympic and Paralympic year. In this context and with the aim of supporting programmes with a social footprint in local communities where it operates, the company proceeds in collaboration with AME “With Other Eyes” , which implements educational programmes in schools to familiarize students with disability. Since February 2024 and throughout the year, with the support of LAMDA Development, up to 60 educational programs will be implemented in schools of the Municipalities of Greek-Argyroupoli, Alimos and Glyfada, addressing 3,200 students and students of all levels of education. The aim is to raise awareness and familiarise students with issues of disabled persons, to convey the values of the Paralympism movement and to transmit knowledge about Paralympic sports, through their acquaintance with Paralympic athletes and athletes who are examples of inspiration for everyone. LAMDA Development – Hellenic Paralympic Committee – AME “With Other Eyes” strengthens the importance of education and awareness so that the new generation can collectively make a difference to remove all forms of discrimination, promote inclusion and combat the social exclusion of disabled people. The athletes and disabled people who will participate in the action will discuss with the students and students with a view to approaching in a realistic way the reality of disability, accessibility and uniqueness of each individual. At meetings, speakers will be invited to describe moments of their everyday lives in which they may have difficulties, and then they will discuss in the student ways in which we can all contribute actively to improving their living conditions. This is a program focused on students, which will give them the opportunity for constructive dialogue, exchange of thoughts, opinions and experiences, developing values such as empathy, understanding and acceptance.

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