Lakis Lazopoulos v George Liaga: Sahliagas, gossiping man

Without prior attack on him, he launched, through his podcast o, on the occasion of the opposition of the presenter to his so-called Katerina New. Quote from Lakis Lazopoulos’ podcast, which will be broadcast tonight (08.03.2024), aired on the Happy Day show and this actor calls George Liaga “protector of the tinomagas” and… many more. “I don’t catch the chicken to sell out. I’ve taken the chicken in and the other hens in. What are you gonna be, my child when you grow up? When I grow up, I’ll be a gossip. Bravo! Koutsoobola, yes” said Lakis Lazopoulos. A few days ago, George Liagas had been mentioned twice in Lakis Lazopoulos. One about his quarrel with Alexis Kouya, on the occasion of the trial to be held and the second about what the presenter had said against Katerina New (s. how Philip Tsagridis thought was a “owner”. “We remember that Mr. Lazopoulos is a man who has moved the finger of political correctness, when he has committed monsters in the context of political correctness with both Mr. Kouya and Mrs. Denisis. Sometime after he called her to cooperate, while he had dragged her into the car,” said George Liagas about the Lazopoulos – Kougias conflict. Regarding what the well-known actor said about Katerina Newou, George Liagas had commented: “I heard him about a week ago talking about cat mornings and he got me involved. She turns around and decides if Mrs. New is smart or stupid. For me, it’s not a question of Mr. Tsagridis dating Mrs. New and then met him at Mrs. Barca and 10 months later Mrs. Barka is dating Mr. Tsagridis. This, even though it is strange, can happen and happened and let the protagonists experience it. For me, the strange thing is that a man who holds the flag of political correctness comes out and, on the occasion of a lovey little cat, comes out and makes a comment about a lady’s stupidity or intelligence. If it’s telecatinistic in the mornings, that’s what I let people judge what it is. That’s embarrassing! And that’s how Mr. Lazopoulos always worked. It’s just that you were all afraid of him and you were all laughing. He was swearing Mimi Denisi, calling her talentless, stupid… and then calling her to do business together. Some things say something about people.”

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