Ladies’ Paradise – next episodes: The murders of Lizetta and the Saint are linked

Fascinating developments in the series “, ” which comes daily on our screens from Alpha’s frequency. What we’ll see in the next episodes broadcast from Wednesday 13th to Friday 15th March 2024, at 20:00. Byron asks Zacharula to get married. Ladies’ Paradise: Wednesday, March 13th, at 20:00 Episode 107 : Byron is not moved by the cries of Electra and threatens her indirectly that if she objects to their divorce, she will sue her for deception… She’s asking Zachary again to get married. After the recognition of the body of the Saint, crash and deep anguish covers the Burada family. The coroner’s finding shows that the murders of Lizetta and the Santa were carried out with the same weapon. The Saviour connects the two victims to Cartezini, but Demosthenes disagrees with this connection and will try to turn to another person the suspicions of colleagues… Ladies’ Paradise: Thursday, March 14, at 20:00 Episode 108 : Victoria tries to hide her riot when Simos catches her with one of the evidence in her hands… The Savior and Milonis are trying to find a way to expose Victoria… Demosthenes, however, constantly finds the way to put them in the way of research. Olga’s wondering if this death changes the data in relation to child custody… A film that reveals much is by chance in the hands of Christopher. After this event developments in the Burada family will be devastating… Ladies’ Paradise: Friday, March 15th, at 20:00 Episode 109 : The film that accidentally came into Christopher’s hands will pave the way for new investigations in connection with the murder of Santa and Victoria will be in a dire position… Dinos is unable to accept the turn of things… On the other hand, the Savior seems determined to reach the case to the end… Syrmo begins to resent the relationship between their village, Nitsa and Thomas. Byron is making one last attempt to win Zachary… Starring: Argiris Pantazaras, Theodora Jimou, Lazaros Georgakopoulos, Evangelia Syriopoulou, Dimitris Gotsopoulos, Christos Plainis, Vangelis Alexandris, Natasa Exidavelonis, Nikos Lekakis, Giannis Dalianis, Alexandra Pantelakis, Giorgos Noissis. In the role of Olga Kingdom Gogo Brebu. Participants: Irini Drakos, Michalis Titopoulos, Giouli Tsagaraki, Giannis Vasilotos, Syrmo Keke, Michalis Panadis, Despina Tsoutsou, Katerina Savrani, Manos Kazamias, Kali Davri, Eleni Sakka, Giannis Askaroglu, Agisilaos Mikelatos, Jenny Kazakou, Anthi Savvakis, Sotiris Takhtsoglou, Elena Megreli, Irini Valatsou, Vassilis Vounos, Megi Souli, George Zygouris, Konstantinos Arnokouros, Katerina Dionysopoulou, Marilia Mitrosi. Screenplay adaptation: Dimitra Cholka. Screenplay group: Georgia Mavroydakis, Lambrini Skreka, Marialena Rosaki, Antonis Haimalidis. Directed by Giannis Vasiliadis, Stamatis Patronis, Georgia Zisi. Production organisation: Thodoris Kondos. Production: JK PRODUCTIONS S.A. Giannis Karayannis “Ladies’ Paradise” is based on the huge Italian television success “IL PARADISO DELLE SIGNORE” by Rai Fiction Aurora Tv.