Laconia: The lobster ordered was delayed and made at the restaurant “Come see it”

He was delayed arriving at the table and the restaurant where she is was in trouble. The people in charge alerted the police, with a patrol car speeding fast… The subject of discussion in Laconia has become the scenes in a restaurant, starring two foreign customers. The lobster they ordered was slow to be served and from time to time they seemed angry. When the clerk took him, after almost an entire hour, they became even more furious with insults and refused to pay the bill. A police car arrived quickly, with police officers leading the two clients to a station. The curtain of the case fell a day later, when the two “heat-blooded” customers returned to the store to apologize and pay the cost of their order. It was all done in a restaurant in the Municipality of Eurota and specifically in Trinissa in Laconia, starring two regulars working in a large company in the area (waste management) and asked as a lobster meal. The lobster arrived at their table, with about 50 minutes late as the two foreigners claimed. According to, while they had enjoyed the preliminary meals they started cursing the owner, employees and refused to pay the bill. The tons began to rise and at some point everyone at the restaurant realized that the situation was getting out of hand, resulting in the officials calling the police. A similar attitude was maintained over the police who arrived to see what had happened. The two regulars were arrested and the next day released. They went to the restaurant and paid about 150 euros.