Kyriakos Mitsotakis: “Unbelievable Miltos Tentoglou is Europe Champion again”

Warm congratulations to his third streak of gold in a European championship he posted to “X” (former twitter) the Prime Minister . “The incredible Miltos Tentoglou is again the European Champion! With an amazing appearance he won the gold medal at the European Championship in Rome and made us proud once again! Warm congratulations” the Prime Minister wrote in his post. The other opposition leaders also gave congratulations. “Miltos once again on top. We are proud not only of his performance, but because at the same time he flies and stays grounded as a human being. Champion-standard! Congratulations!” Stefanos Kaselliakis said in his post. Dimitris Koutsumbas said: “When you see this child struggle and win, achieve incredible things then ‘it comes to mind what his coach, George Pomaskey, said, addressing the youth, that if you are real, if you struggle in faith, aiming right, then no opponent is invincible. That’s what Miltus gives us. It makes us strong, gives us hope and optimism to keep fighting, fighting and winning. Many congratulations, good power up to Paris for a great victory!”. “The amazing Miltos Tentoglou made us once again proud to win the gold at the pan-European Track Championships. “The President of the Movement for Change Nikos Androulakis said about the gold medal won by the third consecutive European champion-Miltos Tentoglou at the Rome event.