Kyriakos Mitsotakis: His interview with SKai

An interview with SKAI and the show “Unmatched” is given at this time by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister was asked about the phenomena of violence by speaking on the SKAI’s Attainment show. Responsibility for Thessaloniki must be attributed, he stressed and noted that there is a stricter anti-racist law. Kyriakos Mitsotakis referred to the interventions on bullying in schools and many incidents he said start there and that is why the platform is activated directly. We’re trying to locate these phenomena earlier, he said. The presence of the police in the neighborhoods has intensified, he also stressed why it acts as a deterrent. As long as we use technology to simplify the relationship between the citizen and the state, we can get more cops out on the street. If you look at crime statistics you will see a noticeable improvement but this is not reflected in the sense of the citizen. There is progress in cases involving Greek Mafia and we have seen positive samples and also referred to the fan violence where the police officer’s death investigation is expected in Reddi. He expressed satisfaction with the situation in football and added that basketball is even better. We’ll get solutions to football as long as everyone wants to, and I mean the players. See live

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