Kyllini: Damages after attempted ATM break-in – Autopsy at the site

The perpetrators targeted you, but they failed to break in. They caused damage to the bank and stirred up an entire building block… The ATM break-in attempt in Kyllini began at dawn and lasted a few minutes. With the perpetrators causing disasters and leaving the area, when they saw one of the residents of nearby houses come out on the balcony and see them. They realized that he would alert the police and become “smoked” without insisting. Police investigations into their detection and arrest are ongoing, with the footage of the attack being analyzed. According to reports, the perpetrators just before 04:00 in the morning tried to break into the area where the ATM is located next to a fruit store on the main street of Kyllini, but did not make it. They only caused damage and left as they were perceived by the owner of the building residing on the first floor, who informed the Police. See the images of, from the point. In the area of Kyllini there is a disturbance after this incident as the ATM of the National Bank is a key trading pole of citizens in the port of the municipality of Andravida – Kyllini.

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