Kuwait: A Guide Throws Like a Doll Out Of His Car When He Flips Into Air · Global Voices

Lucky – who is alive – in his misfortune is a car driver who was launched from his vehicle when it flipped, on a spectacular beach in . In the shocking footage of the Kuwait car accident, recorded on video, the man seems to be thrown out of his massive SUV like a crash test doll. The man moves at high speed on the sand and is seemingly out of control, as he zigzags between the sea and the sand. The 4×4 launches water into the air as the driver runs at speed along the coastline, forcing a man already on the beach to run out of the sea as the car rushes towards it. Suddenly he turns around and makes at least four turns before he finally stops. As he rolls into the water, the driver seems to be thrown high into the air, turning over himself several times before falling into the sea next to his car. The water seems to brake its fall and, incredible, the man is immediately on his feet. He seems not to believe in what just happened, he manages to walk out of the sea limping slightly. He seems to overcome his pains, stumbling on the beach. The bathers surprise him and gather around him, as the man sits in the sand. The video was taken at Abu Hasaniya public beach near Kuwait City, Kuwait on Saturday (30.03.2024). Fire department was called to the point to get Cruiser out of the water while police reportedly seized the vehicle.