Kozani: They obtained 12,000 euros from 68-year-olds under the pretext of assistance for the “Market Pass” allowance

Suspiciously they deceived 68 years of age on the pretext that they would help her apply for “the ” allowance and managed to grab 12,000 euros. As the 68 – year – old reported, in early November 2023 an unknown person contacted her husband, pretending to be his accountant’s employee. His imposter presented false facts as true, under the pretext of granting a “Market Pass” allowance and persuaded him to go to ATMs in the city of Kozani to transfer from the 68-year-old money account about 12,000 euros to two different bank accounts. The police investigation identified the data of a 20-year-old foreigner and a 34-year-old, who were the holders of these bank accounts, as well as a 43-year-old foreigner, who was the holder of the telephone number from which the communication was made. At their expense a criminal case for fraud was formed. Pre-interrogation for the case was conducted by the Kozani Security Department, while the case-file formed against them, will be submitted to the Attorney of Defects Kozanis.

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