Koutsumbas: Send from Greece a pan-European message of strengthening the struggles, with an even stronger KKE

‘ The political battle for the European elections will be fought openly by the fronts of the struggles, by deepening the social alliance in an anti-capitalist antitrust direction, by strengthening the current of questioning and opposition to the imperialist associations of the EU and NATO,” stressed JG of the JV of the Communist Party, in today’s speech at his JV event in the SEF on: “KKE’s call to the Greek people for European elections”. “In the eye of these struggles, as well as our political stance and choice, the EU, which exists only to ensure the interests of the European monopolies, must be more decisively placed in all areas of our life,” added JG of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsumbas. “The Communist Party can look into the eyes of the people, because from the first moment it told the truth about the EU, going against the current! Because she organizes the struggle against her strategy!” she said. He stressed that “the EU, along with the US and NATO, is the protagonist of the imperialist wars and interventions”, while pointing out, among other things, that “the EU, together with the US and NATO, encourages Turkish claims against the country’s sovereignty and sovereign rights, setting together with the civil class of Greece the table of the exploitation of the Aegean and South America. Mediterranean, the dichotomic “solution” of the Cyprus problem with a Euro-NATO seal against the interests of the Cypriot people.” He recalled that EU policy “configured and co-formed, implemented and implemented by the governments of the NW, PASOK and Syriza. It is voted on by all urban parties, social democratic, liberal and far-right parties, in the European Parliament and within the Greek Parliament.” He also said that all these parties “rejected the Communist Party’s proposal during the recent constitutional review to overthrow the supremacy of European Union law against the law of the country”. He pointed out that the harsh anti-popular policy “also applies to the “new liberal” governments and the so-called “progressive governments” of sinful social democracy advertised by Syriza and PASOK” adding that “that is why the vote is lost in these parties” and stressing “that is why the struggle, to be effective, must be directed towards the total overthrow of this rotten system, to the conquest of a genuine working, popular government and power.” “The KKE with its modern, scientifically elaborated program, documents that the European Union of capital, exploitation, accuracy, poverty, imperialist wars is not a one-way street,” D. Koutsubas said. He also said that the strengthening of the KKE in the European elections “will give impetus to every labour-labour-labour struggle and claim, in which the KKE is leading with all its forces”, “will prove that the people have given no blank cheques to the ND and Mitsotakis”, “will give breath, courage to all those who see that the political and organizational degeneration of SYRIZA, at its recent Conference, passed to a whole other level, with more reactionary characteristics” while “anticipated is also the evolution of PASOK, the other pole of social democracy in our country, which whatever it does cannot get divorced from its sinful past.” “Smalls for their fur are the honest people and for the other parties detached from SYRIZA, such as the New Left, the Port, the DAY, who in vain try to re-baptize themselves, whether or not they pinch something of popular discontent,” he added. “The extreme right forces in our country can only be revealed by the Communist Party. Powers, for example, such as Velopoulos who may close to all the falls of plutocracy, who speak populistically by mocking people’s layers, with candlesticks and the “pany the geisha”, who fly and no crowns against the system, generally and abstractly, are ultimately more systemic than systemic.” D. Koutsumbas said that “with the KKE ballot our people can express their disapproval of the EU and their desire for the real Europe of the peoples,” while stressing that the MEPs of the KKE as they will always reveal, will inform the Greek people of all anti-popular, reactionary preparations. Because the MEPs of the Communist Party have always defended labour rights. They became the voice of the people, because the Communist Party has no commitments from the groups and interests of capital.” He called on the Communist Party to strengthen its competition with the Communist Party “and for another particular reason concerning the European elections: To send from Greece a Europe-wide message of hope and strengthening the struggles, with an even stronger KKE in Greece and Europe!”.