Kougias: I will sue Daskalakis for cursing Pispirigo – Lignadis sent me a letter about Kasselakis

Manos Daskalakis will be sued at the limits of the autophore today (06.03.2024) by the . The well-known criminalist spoke both about the wild episode of Daskalaki with his ex-wife and about the angry, as he said, letter of Dimitris Lignadis against Stefanos Kasselakis. Alexis Kougias was invited by the show Morning Greece will be placed for what was said yesterday in court between Manos Daskalakis and Roula Pispirigo, with the former couple exchanging insults. However, the well-known criminalist started with him and the . The cause was the prosecutor’s investigation ordered for the company reportedly owned by the president of SYRIZA in the USA. Alexis Kougias said that on Wednesday morning, he received a letter from Dimitris Lignadis, who he defended in the rape trial of minors, expressing his strong reaction to the statements of the president of Syriza, talking about the protection of the artist who was illegally made as well as procedures that were observed in the legal process that followed. “Mr. Kasselakis has bad advisers and should be more careful as leader of the main opposition,” Alexis Kouyas said. Fire and lawsuit against Daskalaki Alexis Kouyas, of course, was asked about it and even on a day when he was absent from the trial because he had to take scheduled exams. The criminalist said that his partner informed him that “when he came out of the hall, Daskalakis began to curse the defendant deeply.” “In the first stage that I was not Roula Pispiringu’s lawyer was completely beside his wife. In all the statements he described a wonderful mother and wife, all this until almost the end of the first court. Then he started hanging out with a reporter and getting influenced and advised by a lawyer. They probably told him that in this court he must have another attitude,” Alexis Kouyas continued. “If I were there, I would have led him to the autophorus. There will be a lawsuit against him today, at the limits of the autophorus, about the exorcism with gross expressions and slander, because he named her as a murderer of the children, when at an earlier stage he sued with Mrs. Pispirigo to doctors accusing them of the children’s deaths,” Alexis Kouyas stressed. Once again, Alexis Kouyas declared absolutely convinced of Roula Pispiringu’s innocence. So much so that if she is finally convicted of the deaths of her three children, he will resign! “I am so convinced of the innocence of Mrs. Pispiringu, that if she is finally convicted even by the Supreme Court, it will mean that I did something wrong for the first time in the 1,000 homicide cases I have dealt with in the 50 years of my legal course. If that happens, I’ll quit with what that means for my career. This trial is a huge challenge for me,” Alexis Kouyas said.

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